Al-Tal occupied the Ministry of Justice in addition to the presidency of the Judicial Council and the Presidency of the Legislation and Opinion Bureau.
Professional experience/ position:
• Lawyer/ Barrister  1966-1991
• Judge at the Supreme Court of Justice 1991-1993
• Head of Public Prosecution 1993-1994
• Minister of Justice 1994-1995
• Minister of Justice 1995-1996
• Minister of State for Cabinet (Prime Ministry) Affairs 1996-1997
• Vice Chairman of Board of Commissioners for JSC ( Jordan Securities Commission) 1997-2002
• President of Legislation and Opinion Bureau and a lecturer at the Jordan Judicial Institute 2004-2005
• Deputy Prime Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of Political Development
• The twenty second - Senate member (2007-2009)
• President of Legislation and Opinion Bureau 2009
• Minister of Justice 28/7/2010
• Minister of Justice 24/11/2010
• The twenty-fifth  Senate member 
• Member of the Supreme Council for the Interpretation of the Constitution and the Trial of Ministers
• The President of the Judicial Council and  the Court of Cassation 2012-2017