Court Members

  • Mr. Mohammad Al-Alawneh
    Holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Damascus University and occupied many occupations: a chief of High Court of Justice a chief of public Unions, General Secretary of Ministry of Justice, a judge at Court of Cassation, Court of Appeal and high Court of Justice and a chief of Legislation and opinion Bureau. He was awarded Alkawkab order of First Class.
  • Mr. Mohammad Al-Mobaydeen
    • General Secretary of Ministry of Justice, September 2012.
    • Judge at High Court of Justice from January 2009- September 2012.
    • Chief Justice at High Court of Justice from July 2006 -January 2009.
    • Judge at High Court of Justice from March 2003-July 2006.
    • Assistant of Chief Prosecutor – High Court of Justice 2002-2003.
    • General Judge Inspector from November 2001-March2002.
    • Judge at Court of First Instance from January 1989-Jun 1994.
    • Judge at Magistrate Court from January 1986-June.
    • Assistant of General Attorney – Grand Criminal Court from October 1985- January 1986.
  • Mr. Qasem Al-Momani
    He occupied many occupations:-
    Judge of peace in Amman and Madaba, and a Judge at court of First Instance, a Judge of court of Cassation, chief of court of First Instance of west Amman and judge at Court of First Instance, Judge of Court Cassation and chief of Court of Cassation.
    He is working as a president of the Courts of Justice in Qatar.
  • Mr. Fayez Al-Hamarneh
    • Graduated from University of Cairo/law College /1972.
    • He joined the Bar Association in 1972.
    • He was appointed a Judge on 16/8/1981.
    • He graduated in law including reconciliation, commencement, appeal and inspection.
    • A judge at a High Class in 2003.
    • A member of Court of Cassation.
    • He got the Royal Merit Medal in2003.
    • He is a member of the Arab Investment Court - Arab League since 2012 where he submitted his resignation due to his appointment to the Constitutional Court of Jordan.
    • He is a member of the Constitutional Court of Jordan on 20/10/2016.
  • Mr. Akram Masaedah

    Akram Akram Aref Abdelkareem Al- Masaedah

    • Last occupied career: Head of Public Prosecution.


      Scientific Qualifications:

    • PH.D in law 1998- Lebanon University.

    • M.A in law 1990- University of Jordan.

    • B.A. 1974- Beirut University.


      Occupational Experiences: 

    • Head of Public Prosecution  ( September, 2012 – until now)

    • Judge at High Court of Justice (July, 2009 – September, 2012).

    • Head of Public Prosecution- Court of Cassation (January, 2009 – July, 2009).

    • Head of Public Prosecution – High Court of Justice (January, 2009 – 13 January, 2009).

    • Judge at Court of Cassation (August, 2006- January, 2009).

    • Court Inspector (May, 1999- August, 2000).

    • First Court Inspector/ U.A.E (2000- 2006).

    • Judge at Court of Appeal- Irbid (September, 1995- May, 1999).

    • Judge at First Court – Irbid (January 1992- September, 1995).

    • Assistant Attorney General (October, 1990- January, 1992).

    • Judge at First Court in Al- Mafraq (November, 1986 – October, 1990).

    • Judge at Reconciliation Court in Irbid (September, 1982- November, 1986).

    • Judge at Reconciliation Court in Bani Kenanah District (October 1980 – September, 1982).

    • A Lecturer at the Faculty of Law University of Jordan and a lecturer at the Judicial Institute in the UAE and Yemen.
    • Chairman of the Government Claims Committee and the Economic Crimes Committee.
    • Member of the National Committees for the development of several draft laws.
    • Member of Alexandria Arbitration Center.
    • Member of the Jordanian Judicial Council and the Judicial Institute.
    • Participating in national, regional and international conferences to get acquainted with the judicial systems in different countries.
    • Participating in various conferences on anti- corruption, preventing terrorism and recovering looted funds.
    • Preparing three books in law and administrative judiciary, supervising scientific theses and preparing legal articles and researches.
  • Mr. Mohammad Madallah Al- Mahadein

    Mohamad Madallah Al- Mahadein

    • B.A. in law, 1976, University of Damascus.

    • Clerk at Zarqa Court.

    • Reconciliation Judge in Zarqa, 1981.

    • Judge and Attorney General at Al- Karak Court, 1982.

    • First Judge at Al-Karak Court, 1988.

    • Chairman at AL-Tafilah Courty, 1994.

    • Judge of Appeal in Amman, 1998.

    • Court Inspector, 1999.

    • Chairman of the First Court in AL-Karak, 2000.

    • Judge at the Court of Cassation and the High Court of Justice. 

  • Mrs Taghreed Hikmet 

  • Member / Constitutional Court of Jordan Since 6th of October 2020 until now.
  • Senator/ member of the   Senate .2013 until 2020.
  • The First Arab Woman Judge in the International Criminal Courts
  • Judge in the Tribunal of Rwanda (ICTR)(2003-2011)
  • Presiding judge (2009_2010)
  • The first woman Judge in Jordan, Amman, Jordan(1996-2003)
  • Assistant of attorney General for civil rights division (1996-1998)
  • Judge in the Court of Appeal (1998-2002)
  • Judge in the Higher Criminal Court (2002-2003)
  • Lawyer before the Jordanian courts (1982_1996)
  • Lecturer in Harvard Law School Spring Symposium  since 2006-2011.
  • Lecturer with Seton Hall University, yearly since 2007-2011 in a project in Zenzibar
  • Island(Modern day Slavery and Human Trafficking .
  •  Speaker in the West Point Military Academy conference  on International Gender  Justice.
  • Speaker in the West Point Military Academy conference on Islam and the rule of law
  • Speaker in The Most Of The Law School Universities in Jordan and Egypt.
  • UN-Human Rights Prize for the Family Protection Project-2003
  • Distinguished Arab Woman in the field of Law and Judiciary -2004
  • Candidate for the 1000 Women Noble Prize, 2005
  • Decoration of the kingdom of Al-Bahrain, and the Medal of the announcement of Kingdom of Al-Bahrain. Distinguished Arab Woman 2006.
  • The  Prominent Woman in International Law from the ASIL American society of International Law .Washington D,C 2007
  • Sandra Day O’Connor Medal of honor from the Seton Hall University New York 2010.
  • Decoration of Al –Husain for distinguished grant in judiciary and common work first degree, 2011.
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree Commonwealth University 2018
  • Professor Maysa Said Bydoon
  • Ph.D. in Law (International Law) , Leicester University. UK, 2005.
  • Master of laws degree (LLM) in International  Law, Al- Al albayt University, 1998.
  • Bachelor of Laws Degree ( LLB), University of Jordan, 1993
  •   Receiving State Centennial Medal bestowed by His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein in 2021
  • Receiving the UN International Law Fellowship Program, Hague / the   Netherlands
  • Receiving the Study of the U. S. Institute on “Foreign Policy” fellowship, the U.S. Department of State.  University of Florida 2010. 
  • Professor of International Law at  the School of Law – University of Jordan
  •  Member of Jordan  Bar association 1995-2022
  • Member of the Royal Committee to Modernise Political System in 2021
  • Member of  the Royal Secondary Committee for Constitutional Amendments  in 2021.
  • Member of the Higher Education Council at The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 2020-2022-
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Law at  Al al-Bayt University  2013-2020
  • Director of Legal Affairs at Al al-Bayt University since 2012 -2019
  • Head of the Permanent Legal Committee of the Higher Education Council 2020-2022
  • Member of the Certificates Equivalency Committee at the Ministry of Higher Education 2019-2021
  • Head of the Supreme Advisory Board for Legal Affairs at Al- Al albayt University 2012-2014
  • legal advisor of  many international projects 2017-2020
  • Member  in   many Editorial Boards for academic journals.
  •  Member of the Academic Committee of the Higher Education Council
  • Member of governmental national team for human rights 2014-2021
  • The Coordinator of  Al al-Bayt University with the American Bar Association
  •  Chairman and Member  of many scientific committees and disciplinary board of members of staff  at Al- Al albayt University
  • Participating in many conferences , seminars, workshops and training courses.
  • Supervising many  PhD and Master thesis
  •   Evaluated of the promotion of faculty member in many national and international universities
  • Refereeing articles with scientific Journals
  • Published many articles and chapter in book  with Cambridge University Press 2013.


  • Mr. Marwan Dudin
    A member of the Royal Committee on Constitutional Review, Dudin has served as a senator and a minister several times and was also a member of the Higher Council for the Interpretation of the Constitution. He holds a bachelor’s in English language and literature from Cairo University.
  • Mr. Kalaf AlRagad
    • a bachelor's degree in law from the Beirut Arab University in 1977.
    • Higher Diploma in Public Law from Cairo University in 1979.
    • Master of Laws from the University of Jordan in 1991.
    • doctorate in law from Ain Shams University in 2002.

    Included in the judicial offices of the attorney general at the Criminal Court to judge in the Court of First Instance and a member and chairman of the Central Criminal Court.
    Member and Chairman of the Court of Appeal and the President of the courts in the Judicial Inspection Administration and then served as a lawyer in a civil and then judge at the Court of Cassation and the Vice-President of the Court of Cassation and seconded Chairman of the Committee at the Aqaba Special Economic Zone to resolve problems relating to the territory of the city of Aqaba, his writing is my first Master League Jordan in the Criminal Code and the second in the Ain Shams University lecturer in civil law for a period of one academic year in the Jordanian judicial Institute as well as a member and chairman of the committee to discuss many of the Masters and PhDs in Sudanese universities.
  • Dr. Abdulqader Tawarah
  Dr. Abdulqader Tawarah was born in Al-Shubak in 1945. He finished his elementary and preparatory school in Al-Shubak whereas he finished his secondary school in Ma’an .He obtained his Bachelor degree from Damascus. He also got the Diploma of Public Law in 1984, the Diploma of Private Law in 1985 and Ph.D.in Law (with very good grade) 1988 from Cairo University,1988.
Dr.Tawarah worked as a judge in Ma’an, Al-Qaba and Amman. He also worked as a judge of the Court of Appeal (a member and a chairman) in Amman and Dubai. He served as a president of the Labor Court which is specialized in collective labor disputes at the level of Jordan. He was a member of the Advisory Board for legal research and studies at Judicial Institute of Jordan and a judge for each of the Court of Cassation and the High Court of Justice. He practiced law, legal consultations and acts of arbitration. He conducted many studies and legal researches.
Dr.Tawarah founded the faculty of law at the University of Applied Sciences. He was a Dean of the faculty and a lecturer there. Also, he worked as a lecturer at Mu’tah University, Jordan University and Amman Arab University. 
He participated in many seminars and local and international lectures. He presented many researches and scientific papers in different fields such arbitration, labor disputes, required procedures and legislation to protect intellectual property between theory and practice. He discussed many Master Theses and specialized researches at many Universities.
The royal will issued of appointing him as a member of the Constitutional Court of Jordan in 2012.
  • Mr. Fahed Nsoor
  Mr. Fahed Nsoor worked in Judiciary and gradually occupied several position; from an Attorney General and a judge to a chairman of High Court of Justice. After that, he was appointed as a Minister of Legal Affairs and a Minister of Justice in 2004and that was before becoming a chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court of Arab League in 2005 besides his work as a Legal Consultant of the prime Ministry and his work at Legislation and Opinion Bureau. Also, he worked as a General Director for Press and Publications. He worked as a lawyer and has several publications and researches.    


  • Dr. Mohamed El-Ghazwi


   Dr. Mohamed El-Ghazwi started in 1978. After receiving his doctorate in law, he specialized in constitutional law and political system. He served as a professor at the Faculty of Law / University of Jordan and was enrolled in his academic experience until he got his degree as a professor in 1994. Mr. Al-Ghazwi  occupied the following positions, the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Jordan from 1993 to 1999,the Dean of the Faculty of Law / Applied Science University in 1999/2000 and the Dean of the Faculty of Law / Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies.
  • Mr. Foad Suwaidan
   Suwaidan occupied several positions in the judiciary, where he served as a judge and the head of a court in the Court of Appeal and a deputy general in Amman. He worked as a judge in the Court of Cassation since 1998-2000. He then moved to serve as a judge in the Supreme Court of Justice. He was appointed as a President of the Court of Justice since 2005-2012. He received his Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Damascus.
  • Mr. Yousef Al-Hamoud
  Mr. Yousef Al-hamoud obtained his Bachelor of Law from Damascus University in 1966 and then worked as a trainee lawyer and a consultant at the Jordan Petroleum Refinery until 1971. At the beginning of his judicial career, he was appointed as a magistrate in 1971. He was then appointed as a public prosecutor and a judge of the Court of First Instance and a head and member of the High Criminal Court. Then a judge at the Court of Appeal, a member of the Court of Cassation, the President of the Court of Appeal and then the President of the Public Prosecution until 2009, and as such was a member of the Judicial Council from 2000 until 2009. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Judicial Institute. He received a Diploma in Legal and Sharia Studies from Cairo and a Master of Law from the University of Jordan during his career. He was a part-time lecturer at several Jordanian universities and a teacher at the Jordanian Judicial Institute and a member of its Board of Directors from its inception until 2009 .During this period he taught at the Judicial Institute in Dubai for one year.


  • Mr. Mansour ALHadidi
    • Bachelor of Law from the Faculty of Law - University of Mohammed V - Rabat - Morocco in 1971.
    • Diploma in International Management Institute - Paris - France in 1976.
    • National School Diploma to eliminate - Paris - France in 1991.
    • judge since 1976 - reconciliation - the beginning - resume - felonies.
    • Deputy General Amman - President of the Court beginning Oman.
    • Head of the Judicial Inspection device - Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice - Vice-President of the Court of Cassation - Director General of the Jordanian Judicial Institute.
    • Certificate of senior leadership Administration - National Defense College of the Trustees and general managers.
    • holds the Legion of Honor with the rank of Knight granted by the President of the French Republic.
    • Certificates of Merit from the posts in a global, regional and national conferences.
    • Chairman of Jordan - Arab Network for judicial training and formerly based in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Judicial Institute.
  •  Dr. Numan ElKhatib
    He holds a doctoral degree in constitutional law from the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University in 1983, he was appointed assistant at Mutah University professor in 1984 and then was promoted to the rank of associate professor in 1990 and then to the rank of professor in 1996.
    the work of the Dean for Student Affairs at the University of Mutah since 1986 until in 1996, then Vice President of Mutah University for Administrative Affairs in 1997 until 2003, he was a member, during which the board of Higher Education and accreditation Council, in 2003 he was appointed dean of the Faculty of Law and Vice-President of Isra University, he worked as legal advisor and member of the board of Trustees of the University of the Middle East, then member of the body University of company managers and legal adviser to the University of Isra and then part-time lecturer at the University of Jordan and the judicial Institute of Jordan and the Royal Academy of police and the Royal College of the war.
    in 2008, was appointed president of the University of Isra until 2014, was a member of the Egyptian Bar Association and a member of the Jordanian Bar Association and a member of then Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Centre for Human Rights has the scientific and legal research to the court and the papers shall work in constitutional law and administrative law and the elimination of administrative and human rights for more than fifty papers and paper work and six books, most recently "mediator in the political systems and constitutional law" and "simple in the constitutional system Jordan, "which was published in 2014.
  • Mr. Mohammad Dwaib
    Holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Beirut Arab University, Lebanon, in 1967 and a higher diploma in administrative sciences from University of Jordan in 1984. Dwaib served as a state minister for parliamentary affairs from 1996-1997 and a state minister for Palestinian affairs from 1994- 1995.
    He was a member of tenth, twelfth, thirteenth, sixteenth and twenty-sixth house of representative, and a member of twenty-one senate and twenty-three.
    He was a warded Allkawkab Order of the First Class and Ministry of Education Order of the First Class. He was a chairman of the Jordanian – UAE brothers committee, a member of Jordanian brothers committee: Saudi, Qatari, Omani, and a member of Jordanian friendship committee: Latvia, Belgian.