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Al- Tal signs a cooperation agreement with conferance of  Constitutional Jurisdiction of africa
Al- Tal signs a cooperation agreement with conferance of Constitutional Jurisdiction of africa


The chairman of Union of Arab Constitutional Courts and Councils and the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Jordan, His Excellency Mr. Hesham Al-Tal has assigned on Monday 15/10/2018 a cooperation agreement with  conferance of  Constitutional Jurisdiction of africa in order to establish a framework for consultation, cooperation and coordination with a view to deepen constitutionalism and to protect rights and freedoms.

Mr. Murad  Mdlsi , the vice president of the chairman and the chairman of the constitutional Court of Algeria, has assigned the agreement. The conference discussed the cooperation between constitutional judiciary bodies for member states of the two organizations through the exchange of ideas, experiences and information in the field of constitutional control.

The agreement focuses on the development of research and legal studies relating to constitutional control especially with regard to human rights, establishing the rule of law, promotion of translation and publication of journals and documents that is completed by the competent departments of the two organizations concerning constitutional control and organizing mutual scientific conferences.

The agreement also supports the exchange of methods and policies in the field of information and communication between the courts and the constitutional councils for the member’s states in the two organizations. The two parties could identify other fields to cooperate.


A committee of four members shall be appointed equally between the two parties for two renewable years to follow up on the activities stipulated. The Parties shall commit themselves to providing the human, material and financial means and possibilities necessary for the application of the agreement.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the Secretary General of the Union of Courts and the Arab Constitutional Councils, Counselor Saeed Mar'i and Secretary General of the Conference of African Constitutional Supervisory Bodies, Advisor Musa Al-Arrabeh, President of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt Counselor Hanafi Jabali and the Jordanian Ambassador to Algeria Mr. Ahmed Jaradat.

The Constitutional Court of Jordan currently holds the presidency of the Union of Arab Constitutional Courts and Councils.